School Building


 A school maintenance programme is an organizational activity carried out by the school community in order to prolong the life expectancy of school buildings, its furniture and equipment. 

Science Lab



A Science lab helps students to remember the concepts better. It helps to transfer the experience to other learning situations. It is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which experiments and measurement may be performed.

A science lab consists of useful apparatus and Chemicals for experiments

Maths Lab


 VPES is committed to providing the best infrastructure to foster academic excellence to change the way maths has been tough in schools. In this regard we are pleased to introduce Mathslab class in our school. 



 The student will be taught to use the resources in library and the internet.  Having more than all types of 25000 thousand books as well as Daily new paper. Good sitting arrangement.

Computer Lab


 All materials are targeted at students aged 9-14 in years and are free and easy to use. With all training and materials provided, computer practicals. Using computers Instill courage to try new things




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